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 SshKey DigitalOcean.addSshKey(String sshKeyName, String sshPublicKey)
          Method allows you to add a new public SSH key to your account
 Domain DigitalOcean.createDomain(String domainName, String ipAddress)
          Method creates a new domain name with an A record for the specified [ip_address].
 DomainRecord DigitalOcean.createDomainRecord(DomainRecord domainRecord)
          Method creates a new domain record name with an given domain record values
 Droplet DigitalOcean.createDroplet(Droplet droplet)
           Method allows you to create a new droplet.
 Droplet DigitalOcean.createDroplet(Droplet droplet, String sshKeyIds)
           Method allows you to create a new droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.deleteDomain(Integer domainId)
          Method deletes the specified domain from DNS control panel
 Response DigitalOcean.deleteDomainRecord(Integer domainId, Integer recordId)
          Method deletes the specified domain record from domain.
 Response DigitalOcean.deleteDroplet(Integer dropletId)
          Method destroys one of your droplets this is irreversible.
 Response DigitalOcean.deleteImage(Integer imageId)
          Method allows you to deletes an image.
 Response DigitalOcean.deleteSshKey(Integer sshKeyId)
          Method will delete the SSH key from your account.
 Response DigitalOcean.disableDropletBackups(Integer dropletId)
          Method disables automatic backups from running to backup your droplet's data.
 DomainRecord DigitalOcean.editDomainRecord(DomainRecord domainRecord)
          method edits an existing domain record of the given domain.
 SshKey DigitalOcean.editSshKey(Integer sshKeyId, String newSshPublicKey)
          Method allows you to modify an existing public SSH key in your account.
 Response DigitalOcean.enableDropletBackups(Integer dropletId)
          Method enables automatic backups which run in the background daily to backup your droplet's data.
 List<Domain> DigitalOcean.getAvailableDomains()
          Method returns all of your available domains from DNS control panel
 List<Droplet> DigitalOcean.getAvailableDroplets()
          Method returns all active droplets that are currently running in your account.
 List<DropletImage> DigitalOcean.getAvailableImages()
          Method returns all the available images that can be accessed by your client ID.
 List<Region> DigitalOcean.getAvailableRegions()
          Method will return all the available regions within the DigitalOcean cloud.
 List<DropletSize> DigitalOcean.getAvailableSizes()
          Method returns all the available sizes that can be used to create a droplet.
 List<SshKey> DigitalOcean.getAvailableSshKeys()
          Method lists all the available public SSH keys in your account that can be added to a droplet.
 Domain DigitalOcean.getDomainInfo(Integer domainId)
          Method returns the specified domain attributes and zone file info.
 DomainRecord DigitalOcean.getDomainRecordInfo(Integer domainId, Integer recordId)
          Method returns the specified domain record.
 List<DomainRecord> DigitalOcean.getDomainRecords(Integer domainId)
          Method returns all of your current domain records from DNS control panel for given domain.
 Droplet DigitalOcean.getDropletInfo(Integer dropletId)
          Method returns full information for a specific droplet ID that is passed in the URL.
 Response DigitalOcean.getEventProgress(Integer eventId)
          Method is primarily used to collect progress of an event and determined by percentage of completion.
 DropletImage DigitalOcean.getImageInfo(Integer imageId)
          Method retrieves the attributes of an image.
 SshKey DigitalOcean.getSshKeyInfo(Integer sshKeyId)
          Method shows a specific public SSH key in your account that can be added to a droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.powerCyleDroplet(Integer dropletId)
          Method allows you to power cycle a droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.powerOffDroplet(Integer dropletId)
          Method allows you to poweroff a running droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.powerOnDroplet(Integer dropletId)
          Method allows you to poweron a powered off droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.rebootDroplet(Integer dropletId)
          Method allows you to reboot a droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.rebuildDroplet(Integer dropletId, Integer imageId)
          Method allows you to reinstall a droplet with a default image.
 Response DigitalOcean.renameDroplet(Integer dropletId, String name)
          Method renames the droplet to the specified name.
 Response DigitalOcean.resetDropletPassword(Integer dropletId)
          Method will reset the root password for a droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.resizeDroplet(Integer dropletId, Integer sizeId)
          Method allows you to resize a specific droplet to a different size.
 Response DigitalOcean.restoreDroplet(Integer dropletId, Integer imageId)
          Method allows you to restore a droplet with a previous image or snapshot.
 Response DigitalOcean.shutdownDroplet(Integer dropletId)
          Method allows you to shutdown a running droplet.
 Response DigitalOcean.takeDropletSnapshot(Integer dropletId)
          Method allows you to take a snapshot of the running droplet, which can later be restored or used to create a new droplet from the same image.
 Response DigitalOcean.takeDropletSnapshot(Integer dropletId, String snapshotName)
          Method allows you to take a snapshot of the running droplet, which can later be restored or used to create a new droplet from the same image.
 Response DigitalOcean.transferImage(Integer imageId, Integer regionId)
          Method allows you to transfer an image to a specified region.

Uses of ResourceNotFoundException in com.myjeeva.digitalocean.impl

Methods in com.myjeeva.digitalocean.impl that throw ResourceNotFoundException
 SshKey DigitalOceanClient.addSshKey(String sshKeyName, String sshPublicKey)
 Domain DigitalOceanClient.createDomain(String domainName, String ipAddress)
 DomainRecord DigitalOceanClient.createDomainRecord(DomainRecord domainRecord)
 Droplet DigitalOceanClient.createDroplet(Droplet droplet)
 Droplet DigitalOceanClient.createDroplet(Droplet droplet, String sshKeyIds)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.deleteDomain(Integer domainId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.deleteDomainRecord(Integer domainId, Integer recordId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.deleteDroplet(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.deleteImage(Integer imageId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.deleteSshKey(Integer sshKeyId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.disableDropletBackups(Integer dropletId)
 DomainRecord DigitalOceanClient.editDomainRecord(DomainRecord domainRecord)
 SshKey DigitalOceanClient.editSshKey(Integer sshKeyId, String newSshPublicKey)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.enableDropletBackups(Integer dropletId)
 List<Domain> DigitalOceanClient.getAvailableDomains()
 List<Droplet> DigitalOceanClient.getAvailableDroplets()
 List<DropletImage> DigitalOceanClient.getAvailableImages()
 List<Region> DigitalOceanClient.getAvailableRegions()
 List<DropletSize> DigitalOceanClient.getAvailableSizes()
 List<SshKey> DigitalOceanClient.getAvailableSshKeys()
 Domain DigitalOceanClient.getDomainInfo(Integer domainId)
 DomainRecord DigitalOceanClient.getDomainRecordInfo(Integer domainId, Integer recordId)
 List<DomainRecord> DigitalOceanClient.getDomainRecords(Integer domainId)
 Droplet DigitalOceanClient.getDropletInfo(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.getEventProgress(Integer eventId)
 DropletImage DigitalOceanClient.getImageInfo(Integer imageId)
 SshKey DigitalOceanClient.getSshKeyInfo(Integer sshKeyId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.powerCyleDroplet(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.powerOffDroplet(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.powerOnDroplet(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.rebootDroplet(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.rebuildDroplet(Integer dropletId, Integer imageId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.renameDroplet(Integer dropletId, String name)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.resetDropletPassword(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.resizeDroplet(Integer dropletId, Integer sizeId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.restoreDroplet(Integer dropletId, Integer imageId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.shutdownDroplet(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.takeDropletSnapshot(Integer dropletId)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.takeDropletSnapshot(Integer dropletId, String snapshotName)
 Response DigitalOceanClient.transferImage(Integer imageId, Integer regionId)

DigitalOcean API Client in Java

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